Jan 3, 2009

A BROMANCE Rant (i.e. is feminism dead?)

Hello again. After several months of devoting 24/7 to school, I have decided to commit to making new posts for this blog and hopefully growing and seeing it blossom.

This post is about MTV's new series "Bromance", with host Brody Jenner. Ok, first off I must say that I am a little ashamed that I still watch MTV. It is filled with negative messages both as someone who is actively trying to accept differences in body types and beauty ideals not to mention negative to women in general, depicting stereotypes where women are promiscuous, insecure, and overly emotional. I do not watch most of the shows on this channel, but I have to admit my slight addiction to "the hills."

That being said, I am home on break at the moment, and my tivo recorded Bromance. I finished watching (after slowing coming out of my "wtf" coma), and decided I had to write some of this down. I had to get this out of me, and I had to release it into the world.

Please, do not watch this show. I'm not sure if I am more disturbed that this show was allowed to be let onto MTV (with such obviously negative perpetuations of stereotypes of homosexuals, women, even men) or that I know more than a handful of men who would love to be Brody's best friend and live this high life, filled with partying in lingerie parties, dropping friends who don't bring the "hottest chicks" to the parties, and spending every minute talking about sex and women and ass. I mean seriously, please be honest with me, somebody. Maybe I am being naive, maybe I am being judgmental, but are there guys in the world who are not like this shit? Who actually see women as more than just objects or "arm candy?" Because I was under the impression that there were, and I certainly do not want to be sexist in any way. But this constant depiction and affirmation of this certain type of "guy's guy" leaves me feeling a little down on the future of the world, ya know? Is there no one else who can see this? Who can see how bad this is for everyone involved, including the guys? (well, the well-intentioned ones who respect women but go along with the bros just to feel included and "masculine")

Just a rant. I'm really sick of this. I suppose this should be the push I need to really stop me from watching MTV and their perpetual backsteps of the social progresses made thus far.